MAGNAT Sausage

Complete wet food for adult dogs. Sterilized product, made of fresh, natural ingredients only, with high meat and animal products level. Free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Available in two flavors: CHICKEN (with only chicken meat and elements) or BEEF (chicken base with beef meat and offals).

Net mass: 1000 g

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Safe, sterilized product, made exclusively from fresh animal-origin ingredients (chicken and beef), carefully minced into a form of luncheon meat-style sausage. No artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings, providing Your dog with a high nutritional value.
Composition: 83% - meat and products of animal origin, 17% - products of plant origin.
Storage: at room temperature 5-25 °C
Analysis: protein 12%, fats 8.5%, raw ash 8.5%, humidity 67%

Period of validity: 365 days

Net weight: 1000 g


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