A revolutionary product on the feed market. Completely new – a complete dog meal in one set, full of natural ingredients, produced without the addition of water. Dried sausage, full of energy of muesli with vegetables and edible, tasty and healthy bowl (rich source of fiber)! The set is easy to use and transport, irreplaceable in the travel with the pet and pro-ecological – the bowl is completely biodegradable – if the dog does not eat it, it will spread over 30 days.

The set is sold in a special box with a handle, foiled.

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The AMBASADOR Picnic Set is an optimal and convenient meal for a dog. It consists of high-protein dried sausage, energy muesli and an edible, fiber-rich bowl.

Our dried sausage is made without cereal additives, only from meat and animal products. It has over 72% protein. We dry it in a special process at low temperature, thanks to which it preserves its nutritional values. Available flavors include Deer, Beef, Konin, Ostrich and Turkey. We add not less than 25% in the muesli.

A healthy and filling addition to a dog’s diet. It contains natural vitamins contained in dried vegetables and flakes. With the addition of dried sausage, it creates a perfectly balanced meal. It is a completely safe product, without addition of any preservatives, and thanks to drying – record-breaking – useful for consumption for up to 2 years. A set that is extremely easy to use – just pour water.

An innovative product, 100% natural and safe. The bowl is made only from bran, without the use of any chemicals that could penetrate into the food. The technology of the bowl production process is based only on high temperature and pressure. The bowl is completely biodegradable, decomposes on average over 30 days. A great alternative to non-organic plastic dishes as well as impractical, easily permeable paper. The bowl – as a natural and rich in fiber product – is very tasty and can be consumed by dogs together with the rest of the meal.